Do you feel stress?

Discover your inner artist by coloring 🖌 🎨 from one number to another and letting your mind free to regain your tranquility 🌈.

¿Como Pintar Por Números?

Our products

You have the option of rolling it up for easy storage or framing it and hanging it on the wall to add a decorative touch to your home.


Our paints are simply great! They are high quality acrylic paints, completely safe and non-toxic. The colours are intense, vibrant and highly concentrated, which means they cover lines and figures exceptionally well.


Our brushes are a truly complete package! Each set includes three different sizes of brushes, all made of nylon to make painting easier and more comfortable.


It is important to cover the paint when you are not using it so that it does not dry out. If your canvas has developed wrinkles due to folding for a long time, don't worry! You can easily smooth it out using an iron. And as for very light colours, sometimes you need to apply two coats. After the first coat, just wait for it to dry completely and then apply another one to get a darker and more beautiful shade, so your artwork will look great!