Descubre las diferentes Técnicas de Pintura

Discover the different Painting Techniques

Have you ever wondered how many ways there are to put color on a canvas? From thick brush strokes to subtle splatters, the world of painting is full of fascinating techniques. Join me on this colorful journey and let's discover the most popular painting techniques together!

Oil painting:

Imagine a palette of rich, creamy colors that you can mix and layer as you like. That's what oil painting is, and it's a classic for a reason!


If you dream of ethereal landscapes and watery effects, watercolor is your best friend. The magic lies in how much water you decide to add!


The midpoint between oil and watercolor. It dries quickly and you can use it on almost any surface.


It's as if watercolor had an opaque brother. Perfect if you love vibrant colors without transparency.


Do you remember crayons from childhood? Pastels are like their adult version: bars of pure color ready to slide across the paper.


It is a technique with history, with that ancient touch that gives a mystical feeling to your works.


Can you imagine painting directly on a wet wall and having your work stay there forever? That's cool.


Bright colors and a unique finish. Ideal for experimenting and playing with textures.


The beauty of the shine and texture of hot wax make it worth a try.


For detailers, the airbrush allows for very fine lines and perfect color mixtures.

And there you have it, a quick but intense journey through the exciting world of painting techniques. Which one do you dare to experiment with first? I hope this tour has sparked your passion for art even more!

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