¡Dale color a tu vida aprende a pintar!

Give color to your life, learn to paint!

Hello! Have you ever felt that spark of wanting to create something with your hands and give free rein to your imagination? Well, why not start from scratch? Here I will show you how. And I'll tell you a secret: painting is not just putting color on a canvas, it is a hug to the soul. So discover the charm of painting and immerse yourself in this wonderful world.

Your starter kit to the rescue

Getting started is always a little scary, but don't worry! First, let's talk about your brushes, your new friends. There are many types, but with a flat one, a round one, and a detail one you will be more than ready. Then, the paintings. Oh, the colors! From acrylics to watercolors, choose your favorite colors. And finally, decide where to take your first brush strokes: canvas, paper, cardboard? You choose!

Let's do it!

Now, with everything ready, it's time to venture out. Drawing your first strokes you will feel the magic of creating. And you know what's super fun? Play with colors! Mix, experiment and discover.

Learning and having fun I'm not going to lie to you, we've all had our artistic lapses. But here are some friendly tips for beginners: breathe, laugh at your mistakes and move on. And remember, if something doesn't go right... it's okay! It's part of the process.

Seeking inspiration and putting your heart. Art comes from the soul, so create your style with soul and passion. And never underestimate the power of looking at the world with the eyes of an artist. From a sunset to morning coffee, everything can be inspiration.

It's been said, let's paint! I hope you are encouraged to give color to your life. With love, passion and a little practice, you will be the next Picasso!

 Things everyone wonders

1. Which paint is easiest to start with?

The acrylics! They are versatile and dry quickly.

2. How much should I paint to improve?
Every day a little bit! But a few days a week would be great.

3. Where do I get ideas to paint?
Look around. The world is full of wonders waiting to be painted! But if you need more ideas you can look on Pinterest.

4. Is this expensive to paint?
Not necessarily! You can start small and adapt it to your pocket.

5. Do I need classes to learn?
If you can, great! But remember, the best teacher is practice.

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