Descubre tu Artista Interior coloreando 🖌 🎨 de un número a otro y dejando que tu mente se libere para recuperar tu tranquilidad 🌈

Our mission

We want to help all those people who feel stress in their daily lives to disconnect their minds, learn to relax, and enjoy the therapeutic aspect of painting with our kit.

Find your oasis of calm 🎨 by painting your Peace with each number.

Our History

This project came about when, for months, I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety, feeling increasingly distant from myself. In the beginning, it was hard, as everything in life, but then I discovered a new way that helped me escape from that cycle I had been slowly sinking into.

I didn't need to be an artist or have a special gift; I just had to paint each number with the color indicated in the instructions.

As I colored, my mind began to clear, and I could disconnect from the daily noise. That's how Petit Bö was born, with the goal of helping everyone who needs it, because in the end, we all share the same feelings of stress, anxiety, calm, joy... no matter where we come from.

With all our love 💝